Organic Green Dream

Our new Organic Green Dream brings the tropics to your kitchen, no matter what your location, with the vibrant sweetness of pineapple, sweet creaminess of mango, health benefits of kale and zing of lime! This unparalleled delicious combination can be used in dressings, sorbets and of course, smoothies! Pre-portioned and ready to go in  6 smoothie-ready packs, just grab a bag and get blending!

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Excellent Source of Vitamin C Good Source of Fiber No Sugar Added Smoothie-Ready Packs

Tropical Twist!

The fruits in our Organic Green Dream are nurtured but the rays of the South American sun and cared for by its soils. These conditions are considered possibly the best for growing deliciously sweet fruits that explode with fragrance and flavor! 


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Nature's Fact

Our Organic Green Dream is an excellent source of Vitamin C!  Vitamin C can help to defend against infections by fortifying your immune system. It also may help to reduce the risk of developing certain cancers. 

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