With our ever increasing busy lifestyles, snacking on the go can be tricky when you are trying to eat well. Our ripe-frozen pineapple chunks are big, juicy and now available in convenient individual snacking pouches. Mess free, enjoy them at home or on-the-go with no added sugar or additives. Nature’s nutritious candy at its best!

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Individual Snack Packs Source of Fibre Excellent Source of Vitamin C Non GMO

Pineapple Perfection!

Native to South America these delicious golden fruits can take up to 3 years before they mature on the plant and can stay alive and continue giving fruits for up to 50 years! However, only one pineapple is produced by a single plant in a single season!


Nature's Fact

Once pineapples are harvested, they don't continue to ripen. The difference in colours is mostly based on where the pineapples were grown. A green pineapple can be just as sweet and delicious as a golden brown one!

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