Looking for answers? Here are some of the questions that we receive most frequently. We hope we can answer most of them here.
Not at the present time, unfortunately. However, we are always looking at packaging technologies that will allow us to preserve the quality of our product and be fully recyclable. Our main concern is to deliver quality products and avoid ice build-up, dehydration and clumping, and therefore, our bags are made with two materials glued together, in order to provide a full protective barrier for our frozen fruits and veggies.
The NON-GMO certification is obtained for each production location. We currently have 1 plant that is certified NON-GMO, and all 3 of our plants will be soon.
Fruits and vegetables don’t naturally contain gluten. Our facilities do not handle any products that contain gluten.
Although the use of pesticides is highly regulated in Organic Agriculture, some specific pesticides are permitted.
Some fruits and veggies need pesticide application in order to protect them from harmful predators (e.g.: bacteria, fungi, bugs, mold) that will simply destroy the fruit (either while it is growing or after it is harvested).
There is none. The nutritional value of an organic or pesticide-free fruit does not differ. These designations refer to the amount of pesticide residue on the fruit once it is harvested.
There is no difference in the nutritional value of a conventional fruit vs a pesticide-free fruit. The main difference is that we guarantee that there is no pesticide residue on the pesticide-free fruits, whereas conventional fruits might have pesticide residue that is within the limits approved by the regulating authorities.

Every batch of fruits and veggies is tested twice for pesticide residue – once at the farm prior to bulk loading, and again at our facility prior to packaging! Our highly sensitive and precise equipment is used to test for more than 250 pesticides. There are no regulations governing how pesticide-residue-free products must be grown, but we adhere to an international standard for testing pesticide residue: www.AOAC.org.

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