Organic Dark Sweet Cherries

Our frozen dark sweet cherries are not only tasty, but they also have loads of benefits for your health. Wonderfully delicious, these pulpy fruits make for a sweet snack, or they can enhance your favourite recipes.

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Organic Good Source of Fiber Good Source of Vitamin C No Sugar Added

Cherry ‘’Chéri’’

Our organic dark sweet cherries are carefully plucked at their peak of sweetness in Turkish and American growing areas. Turkey is known for being the largest cherry producer in the world. Good soils, a perfect climate and the fact that sweet cherries are native to this area make Turkey a very cherry country.

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Nature’s Fact

Is a cherry a fruit or a berry? While cherries are closer in size and appearance to berries, they are not classified as such. They are ‘’stone’’ fruits, just like peaches, because they grow on trees and have a single hard pit.

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