Frozen heats up the food aisle!

Thursday, June 27, 2019

The frozen food section, once the land of frosty TV dinners, popsicles and bland chicken meals has been changing dramatically over the past few years. What’s creating this?

A slew of creative producers bringing in natural, healthy and convenient products that have lured a whole new demographic either back to the frozen food aisle, or to discover it for the first time.1 Millennials in particular make up a bulk of this consumer group and innovative products that correspond to their values have grabbed their interest and imagination.2 Young busy professionals are also looking for wholesome and easy food for their families.3

Frozen food items that increase consumer consumption occasions are a great way to drive growth. Frozen snacks, for example, climbed 2% in the past year as people move away from three square meals a day to snacking throughout. And breakfast is another area where frozen foods are growing.4

In fact, nine out of the top ten major frozen food categories saw growth in 2018. 5

But what really hits it out of the park these days is offering your shoppers what they can’t find anywhere else. Creating your own unique mix of specialty brands, natural, and organic items, including smaller innovative brands is a sure way to stand out from the competition.6

As a private brand frozen fruits supplier, the frozen food aisle is our base camp, one from where we can help you build consumer loyalty, through innovative ways to drive occasions and growth. Contact us to help you heat it up to a maximum.


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