3-Berry Mix - Tested for Pesticide Residue

Enjoy the sweet taste and excellent nutritional benefits of our frozen pesticide-free* berries. Carefully cultivated to ensure that they have no pesticide residue, and packed with love, those colorful goodies are nothing short of amazing. Reinvent your everyday smoothie with this frozen delight!

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Rich in Fiber No Sugar Added Free of pesticide residue

*Pesticide analysis and validation data is based on FDA PAM, USDA QUECHERS and AOAC methodologies.

Berry to Be Amazed?

Canadian wild blueberries are renowned for their fantastic taste. They grow naturally all across the country. Our raspberries and blackberries grow in Chile, where the temperature, climate and naturally fertile soil are ideal for fruit production. All of our products are tested once at the farm, and again at our facilities.

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Nature’s Fact

Did you know that our pesticide-free guarantee means we test your product for residue for more than 250 pesticides? Yes, once at the farm, and then again at our facilities!

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