How does Nature’s Touch Frozen Foods add a ray of sunshine to your mornings?

One of my most cherished childhood memories comes from spending long summers with my grandfather in Greece. Fruits were a very important part of life there: he grew cherries, grapes, figs and blackberries. I helped pick them, and we let them rest in the warm Mediterranean sun.

Every time I came back home to Canada, I was surprised by the difference in taste between the fruits bought at the grocery store and the ones that ripened in the sun. I realized early on that raspberries, blueberries, cherries and other fruits were the perfect ingredient for sunny mornings, and that the best fruits did not grow everywhere. They need sunshine to ripen them to perfection, like at my grandfather’s farm. 

That is why, when I founded Nature’s Touch with my cousin Philip in my basement in 2004, I was determined to provide fruits as nature intended. Quality has always been the focal point of everything we do, from picking the fruit to delivering it frozen to your table.  

We have developed relationships with fruit suppliers who share our passion for quality. These relationships allow us to provide you with frozen fruits and vegetables every day to add a touch of sunshine to your plate for your holiday meals, your busy or laid-back mornings, your spontaneous evenings among friends, your family meals… in short, for any time when you are enjoying a bit to eat, no matter how plain or fancy. 

Our fruits are frozen at the peak of their freshness so they are perfect when you are ready to enjoy them. 

We are proud to say that we play a part in making your mornings deliciously fruity and healthy. Because after all, it’s in our nature.

 John Tentomas, Nature’s Touch President

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Do frozen fruits taste better?

When I was a child, I used to visit my grandfather in Greece during the summer. He grew cherries, grapes, figs and blackberries. Every time I came back home, I was surprised by the difference in taste with the fruits found here.