Mangos - Tested for Pesticide Residue

These smooth chunks of mango are full of Vitamin C and bursting with nutrients. Plus, they taste just like sunshine! Our Tested for Pesticide Residue frozen mangos will make you feel like you’re on a tropical adventure. At Nature’s Touch, our goal is to limit your exposure to pesticide residues when enjoying our frozen mangos and that is why our highly qualified team uses latest generation equipment to test for a minimum of 260* of the most commonly known pesticides.

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Source of Fibre Rich in Vitamin C No Sugar Added Tested for Pesticide Residue

*Pesticide analysis and validation data is based on FDA PAM, USDA QUECHERS and AOAC methodologies.

It Takes Two to Mango

Mango trees need a warm, dry climate in order to set fruit. Our mangos are grown and harvested in Mexico and Peru. They are picked at their peak of ripeness when their flesh is extra creamy and sweet. They’re rigorously tested for pesticide residue at the farm, and then again at our facilities.

Try them in our delicious Mango-Pineapple Squares!


Nature’s Fact

Did you know that mangos rule as the most commonly eaten tropical fruit around the world? That’s why the mango is often referred to as the “king of fruits”.

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