Bountiful Blueberry

Our cultivated blueberries grow tall in size and big in taste! Grown in full sun and carefully picked, the taste of our frozen blueberries truly stand out from the rest! These high-bush cultivated blue beauties are great for just about any and every dish you can add fruit too! Eat them straight from the bag and you will soon understand why we like to think they taste better than fresh!

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High in Fibre Source of Vitamin C Kosher Non GMO

Oh Canada!

Did you know that Fraser Valley in British Columbia is one of the largest producing regions of highbush blueberries? The highbush blueberry requires special care, grown in soil that is acidic and moist.  It takes seven years for a cultivated blueberry plant to reach maturity and they can live up-to thirty years and grow up to two meters tall!


Nature's Fact

British Columbia is the largest highbush blueberry-growing region in the world. As a country, Canada ranks third behind the US and Chile. Blueberries are Canada’s most exported fruit.

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