Blackberry- Tested for Pesticide Residue

The sweet and slightly tart flavour of our blackberries is the perfect pairing for savoury dishes and sweet desserts. At Nature’s Touch, our goal is to limit your exposure to pesticide residues when enjoying our frozen blackberries and that is why our highly qualified team uses latest generation equipment to test for a minimum of 260* of the most commonly known pesticides.

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Tested for Pesticide Residue High in Fibre Non GMO No Sugar Added

The Berry Best!

Blackberries are very perishable and will only last for a few days once picked, that’s why are frozen Tested for Pesticide Residue Blackberries are the best way to enjoy blackberries at their peak ripeness all year long, whenever you want!

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Nature's Fact

While most fruits are green before they ripen to their usual colour, blackberries actually start their life red. Upon ripening, they change from red to black.

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