Expanding Our Borders East!

Thursday, June 8, 2017
Nature’s Touch is expanding its business in the eastern parts of the world.
With an active sales office in the heart of Hong Kong, Bonco Tsui, our General Manager Asia, is managing business development initiatives in Asian and Australian markets. 

FOODEX is one of the most important trade shows in Asia, and takes place annually in Japan.

From March 7-10, 2017, we showcased our high quality frozen fruits and vegetables to a wide range of Asian consumers. With our exciting products and blends, that meet the highest safety and quality standards of Japan, we took on the weekend with confidence. We drew a very strong interest from buyers within the region and successfully added more distribution to our existing 1,000-stores presence. We believe the success of this event will lead to the developments of many new retail accounts.

The Foodex Trade Show is an important part of our growth strategy as it positively affects the development of the regional market, helps increase distribution and increases our brand and product category awareness.

“Consumers in the APAC region are becoming more health conscious, but there lacks an awareness and access to high quality frozen fruits. As fruits are naturally limited by seasonality, our involvement in this market will fill that gap.” says Bonco Tsui.

Bonco Tsui is responsible for new business development and major supermarket chains in his region. He works on introducing new and innovative frozen fruit and vegetable products to local consumers.

He has actively contributed to the Nature’s Touch team for the past 3 years and his main focus has been to expand our business in the APAC region.

While Bonco has been on our team he has built distribution in our existing Asian markets, developed 2 new markets and has expanded the Nature’s Touch and Welch’s brand portfolio to over 40 skus in this region.

At Nature’s Touch, we believe quality frozen fruits and vegetables should be accessible to as many families as possible and having a key member in Hong Kong has allowed us to better serve our consumers there.

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