Nature’s Touch Flourishes Within Loblaws’ Environment

Friday, August 24, 2018
Nutritional, convenient, flavorful, and creative, Nature’s Touch is committed to being consumers’ healthy companion by being available in more stores and repackaging with creative recipes on their packages. 

Picture this: it is 2004 and Nature’s Touch president, John Tentomas, is packing and shipping his first order from a small rented room. Unsure of the future, but with foundations rooted in passion, he sent that little package out into the world not knowing where it would lead.

Well, where it led has been truly inspirational! This year, Loblaws will stock its marketplace shelves with the freshest lineup of Nature’s Touch products. Convenient and healthy, Nature’s Touch Multi-Use, Smoothie Blend and Snack products will flood, harmlessly, of course, the frozen produce aisles of Loblaws, Provigo, and City Market stores in Ontario, Québec and Atlantic Canada.

Adored by millennials and baby boomers alike, Nature’s Touch Multi-Use line of berry and fruit products offer nothing less than its name suggests: a creative set of sweet and tart mixes perfect for baking, cooking, blending, snacking and multiple other uses. Low in sugar and high in flavour, consumers can stock up on their sunny, summer inspiration all year round.

At the intersection of health and convenience lies Nature’s Touch Easy Prep Smoothie Blends. Containing single serving bags, the Smoothie Blends propose portion control without holds on flavour. An exotic mélange of fruits, vegetables and spices (like ginger!) disprove the hypothesis that health and flavour have an inverse relationship when it comes to smoothies, juices or even salad dressings.

For kids and kids at heart, snacks can brighten one’s day.  More than a mindful pause, the benefits of healthy snacking are many-fold. They: add nutrient-dense foods to one’s diet, sustain blood sugar levels, and can rev up a person’s metabolism. Fun to eat, fun to share, and fun to shop for, the 100g “to-go” bags of Nature’s Touch Snacks allow snackers a frozen and satisfying treat! Nature’s Touch is now literally at our fingertips.


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