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5 Examples of How We Walk the Talk

Our Know-How is Yours

We’re down to earth but we love mining data. The latest category trends, consumer habits and consumption behaviours, we’re on top of it. Our goal is your growth, and we have a team of experts eager to offer advice and support. If you need a sounding board, or a second pair of eyes or ears, we’re there. With Nature’s Touch, you get a category captain partnered in your success.


We’re Future Forward

We love rolling up our sleeves and getting into product development. We even have a team dedicated to innovation and our own R&D lab. If you’re looking for some custom deliciousness, we can nurture ideas until they’re ripe, and tailor make products. The best part is you get to jump in and give feedback, then taste the results.


Safety First

Food safety is in our DNA, our roots, and we’re committed to it. From farm to freezer, our commitment includes the following:

1. We have long-standing relationships with like-minded suppliers who are GSFI certified and meet our quality requirements.
2. Our extensive knowledge of the frozen food business allows us to implement robust food safety programs from sourcing to packing.
3. Our dedicated quality assurance team focuses on excellence, assessments and analysis.
4. We work with an ISO accredited third party lab to test for various pathogens, viruses and pesticide residues.
5.  We are engaged in multiple food safety projects working with Harvard, USDA, AFFI.
6.  We’re always eager to share our extensive Food Safety knowledge.


We Deliver

Location, location, location. To offer flexible, timely and efficient delivery you have to be strategically located. That’s why we’ve put a lot of thought and planning into this key part of our business. Wherever our customers are located, that’s where we’ll be. With offices in Canada, the US, Europe, Chile and Hong Kong, plus 3 plants in North America, you can rely on us nation-wide and internationally. Offering further peace of mind, our Abbotsford, BC plant is vertically integrated.


We’ve Got Your Back

We believe a business is only as good as the clients they serve. When we work together, you’ll have the support that involves a one-on-one approach with a real person. This includes meeting with you regularly to offer advice and share information, as well as handling challenges quickly and easily. We offer customer care with a central idea - your consumer is our consumer, and we always keep them top of mind. And because we’re in this for the long haul, we’re actively motivated to help you succeed. As your supplier of choice, we offer a relationship that grows in value today, tomorrow and in the years to come.


Dedication is our recipe.

Success is your story.

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