Mango "Razzy" Berry Fruit Smoothie

With the thin wild blueberry coulis top and yogurt-y mango raspberry bottom, it's full of new tastes and textures with every sip of this frozen fruit smoothie. Fun and tasty for the kids but delicious for grownups, too!

By: Krissy Bonning-Gould



Blueberry Coulis:


Blueberry Coulis:


  1. Place all ingredients in a blender, and mix until smooth and well blended with no chunks of fruit.
  2. Place blueberry coulis on top of mango raspberry smoothie.

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Mango and raspberry smoothie recipe - Nature's Touch

Full of new tastes and textures, this mango and raspberry smoothie is a kids favorite, but is delicious for grownups, too! Nature's Touch frozen fruits add a little sweetness to your day!